To achieve our purpose, we encourage participation, growth and development of arts and culture in Tauranga Moana and the Western Bay of Plenty. Our services include:

  • Advocate and participate with Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council in strategic, policy and project issues impacting on the arts and culture sector
  • Establish and maintain national arts agency relationships
  • Collaborate with educational facilities
  • Coordinate workshops to assist artists from entry level through to fully established
  • One-on-one career development support for individuals and groups
  • Promotion of arts events via social media, website, digital marketing and weekly newsletter
  • Assist with funding applications to the Creative Communities Scheme and other funding outlets
  • Mentoring and capability building for the entire arts and culture sector

Creative Bay of Plenty (known as Creative Tauranga until August 2016) was formerly the Tauranga Community Arts Council, and was initially established in 1969 as an incorporated society and contracted by both Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council to support the arts and culture sector. Creative Bay of Plenty continues today, partnered with the Councils, as an organisation, which supports, inspires and motivates communities and individuals involved with the arts and cultural activities within the Tauranga Moana region.

Creative Bay of Plenty has a governing board of volunteer members. They represent a diverse cross-section of people from the Tauranga area.

Creative Bay of Plenty staff provide practical support through funding, advertising and information. In addition, the staff advise and assist in the development and nurturing of creative projects, events organisation, mentoring and a huge component of their skill is by way of connecting people with each other - or with appropriate resources.

The long term aim for Creative Bay of Plenty "is to consistently review and deliver to the needs of our community in the arts and cultural arena and to remain heavily committed to our role as a partner agency in the City's strategic planning for the future" and to "build a vibrant, diverse, healthy and unique community by providing the essential creative input into the planning and infrastructure of our city and environment".