It is the role of Creative Bay Of Plenty to monitor and report on the Regional Arts and Culture Strategy Toi Moana over the next 3 years (2018 - 2020).

Please see The Arts and Culture Strategy document as developed for the Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty Sub-Region available to download.

Why do we need a strategy?

"Our community believes that arts and cultural experiences are a vital part of our wellbeing, our identity and the fabric of life in the Bay. We want to see this sector grow exponentially, as well as contribute to, and take advantage of, tourism and resident population increases, and for the sector to support sustainable growth in our local economy.

This is an over-arching strategy to unlock the potential of the creative sector and grow the economy to make the Tauranga city more globally competitive." Toi Moana download

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Outlined below is an overview of the strategic framework and implementation plan including the lead agents responsible for each action. 

Six key goals - 'The 6 V's' 



Lead Agent

Priority One - 5 Actions
- Showcase success and promote local creative innovative champions
- Support and encourage the Creative Sector to work together, and to collaborate to find ways to forge new innovations.
- Champion the Creative Sector as an ‘enabler’ for innovation, entrepreneurship and creative expression.
- Support Māori Arts and Culture entrepreneurship and encourage the creation of domestic and international opportunities.


Lead Agents

Creative BOP - 3 Actions
- Develop capability building program
- Map participation of children
- Events calendar & directory

Tauranga Art Gallery - 1 Action
- Collaborate with other organisations to find new ways to bring visual art to the community

Health Sector or M.A.D Providers - 1 Action
- Support M.(music) A. (Arts) D. (Drama) therapeutic approaches in the community

Iwi - 1 Action
Ngati Ranginui, Ngai Te Rangi, Ngati Pukenga
- Identify sites to develop specific place making that honour Māori stories and significant cultural/heritage sites.

Tauranga City Council & Western Bay District Council - 5 Actions
- A & C major contributor to the future city & town design (Te Aranga Principals)
- CBD year round Activation Plan (events, markets, visual & performing arts, interactive technology)
- Revise & implement Public Art Policy that supports this strategy - inc plan to fund & implement
- Ensure accessibility for participants with disabilities to enjoy events, art & cultural
- Promote existing toolkits for arts & culture providers



Lead Agents

Creative BOP - 2 Actions
- Facilitate collaboration by connecting art communities together
- Develop mechanisms for increasing Māori participation in arts and culture.

Multicultural Council - 1 Action
Develop capacity of local multi-cultural networks to increase participation in the arts

The Incubator - 1 Action
- Support Village Creative Hub & Peoples Gallery

Bay Venues - 1 Action
- Encourage the wider utilisation of existing resources and opportunities for additional event specific facilities

Tauranga City Council & Western Bay District Council - 1 Action
- Develop & implement an Events Plan aligned with a diverse programme of events (and their facilities) that are regionally spread

Tauranga City Council - 1 Action
- Support development of a cultural precinct for Tauranga city centre as part of Heart of the City


Lead Agents

Tourism BOP - 1 Action
- Support audience development initiatives to strengthen our Tourism brand story.

Creative BOP - 1 Action
- Provide media advocacy on the value of Māori art, culture and language, and promote frameworks for inclusivity.

Iwi - 2 Actions
- Promote Māori art & culture internationally and locally including te reo Māori across the council, libraries, web, guidebooks and historic signage.
- Increase Tauranga Moana tangata whenua consultation across local government and the creative sector for more relevant cultural projects, Māori festivals, wānanga and to progress hauora/education/wellbeing.

Tauranga City Council & Western Bay District Council - 1 Action
- Use council advisory panels and community champions as a means to hear multicultural voices.



Lead Agent

Creative BOP - 2 Actions
- Provide advocacy and leadership on the Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation plan with annual monitoring and reporting.
- Develop a multi-year investment plan, with a framework for decision‐making, establishing baselines of current sector investment, along with an audit of hard/soft infrastructure, council governance arrangements, with future needs and gaps, and implementation partner agreements.


Lead Agent

Toi Ohomai - 5 Actions
- Youth and retiree training (affordable opportunities)
- Mentoring
- Internships with council
- Residencies
- Incubators

- Tertiary Opportunities pathways
- Alumni Awards
- Scholarships

- Develop Social Innovation )community co-creation using technology) to create new sustainable platforms, facilities, and opportunities to grow existing local talent across industries for improved social outcomes starting with Tangata Whenua.

Dec 2017 - March 2018 - Creative Bay of Plenty to continue with business as usual - focus on advocacy and workshop delivery.

March / April 2018 – Public consultation of Creative Bay of Plenty's submission in both the Western Bay of Plenty District Council and the Tauranga City Council Long Term Planning.

July 2018 – Roll out of Arts and Culture Strategy by lead and support agencies until 2021. Discussions regarding the direction of the Arts & Culture Strategy past 2021 will be held with the sector, lead and support agencies as appropriate. Creative Bay of Plenty is to provide reporting on 6 monthly basis. This will be available from our website.

December 2018 - 6 month strategy report due

July 2019 - 1 Year Strategy report due

For further information, or if you have any questions, please email  

Download Background to the Strategy

Download Arts and Culture Strategy

Download Implementation Plan Version 1.2