The next funding round will be open from 1 - 28 September 2018 for projects starting from 1 November.

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Creative New Zealand spends over $3.2 million each year supporting around 1,800 projects through the Creative Communities Scheme (CCS). Creative Bay of Plenty, on behalf of Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty Council, administers the CCS for our districts.

The scheme aims to increase participation from the local community in the arts sector, support the diversity of local cultural traditions and encourage and engage young people to participate in local arts. The term ‘arts’ is broadly defined to mean all forms of creative and interpretative expression.

Who can apply?

Any individual or group can apply on the basis that the individual is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident. Two rounds of funding are allocated each year.

What are the criteria?

To get funding through CCS, your creative project must focus on at least one of the following:

  • Participation – create opportunities for local communities to engage with, and participate in arts activities
  • Diversity – support the diverse artistic cultural traditions of local communities
  • Young People – enable young people (under 18 years) to engage with and participate in the arts

There are five local priorities for Tauranga and Western Bay. Your project is more likely to receive funding if you can demonstrate alignment to at least one of these outcomes as informed by Toi Moana Arts & Culture Strategy:

  • Visionary - Grow, enable and attract creative people, a creative workforce and innovative enterprise (e.g. projects that showcase success and promote local creative innovative champions, projects that support and encourage local creatives to work together or projects that support Maori Arts and Culture entrepreneurship)
  • Vocalising -  It is easy to access and participate in arts and culture every day (e.g. projects like arts events and markets happening in our public spaces like the Tauranga CBD, projects that are site-specific and honour Maori stories as well as significant cultural/heritage sites in our region)
  • Vibrancy - A network of vibrant arts and culture organisations and facilities meets our diverse needs, in every part of the region (e.g. projects that facilitate collaboration by connecting art communities together, projects that increase Maori and multicultural participation in arts and culture, projects that utilise existing facilities in our region)
  • Valuing - Our diverse cultural identities are celebrated. Local Maori culture is a unique point of difference (e.g. projects that celebrate Maori culture and other diverse multicultural identities by building a culture of inclusivity, valuing the diversity of all people and the arts)
  • Art and Sustainability - Projects that focus on sustainability in some way

How do I make an application?

Once the funding round is open you can download all relevant material from this website.

Where possible, we please ask that you submit your application and any associated project completion reports in a digital format to

If you have trouble accessing a computer or require some assistance in completing your form online, please contact us on 07 9285270.

Please read the Application Guide before completing your application. All forms can be found below. Please use the Tauranga application form if your residential address falls within Tauranga City Council limits, or the Western Bay application form if your address falls within Western Bay of Plenty District Council limits. Please note that combined funding is no longer available, you will need to make two separate applications for projects that intersect both councils. If you're unsure - talk to us.

The Application Process

  1. Download the application form – make sure you download the application form for the relevant sub-region.
  2. Download the application summary. This document will be an executive summary of your application and should contain the most crucial information.
  3. Your application form and any supporting documentation should be submitted as ONE PDF file in portrait format. We recommend using a free online PDF editor to merge your supporting documents with your application form. So when submitting your application you will send two documents to us: Your application form (containing supporting documents), and your application summary.
  4. Make sure you have signed the declaration.
  5. Once you have submitted your application, it is given to an independent panel to assess. The panel will decide whether your project receives funding or not, and how much money will be granted.
  6. You may decide to present in person to the panel in support of your application. If so, we will contact you to confirm your speaking time.
  7. Creative Bay of Plenty will get in touch with you to advise the result of your application.

If you have difficulty with any stage of your application, please get in touch. 

Contact Monique:


Phone: Between 12:30 and 4:30 on 021 716 534

Project Completion Reports:

Please email completion reports to 

Please see link below to download your project completion report

Application Summary

CCS Application Form Tauranga 2018 - 2019 RD 1

Download CCS logo Tauranga

Application Summary

CCS Application Form Western Bay 2018 - 2019 RD1

Download CCS logo Western Bay

Download Project Completion Report